All About Diamonds

The Diamond

The word diamond comes from the Greek, “Adamas,” or Latin’s “Diamas,” both of which means unconquerable. The fact that diamonds are almost indestructible makes them the perfect symbol of everlasting love. The Greeks believed that the fire of a diamond reflected the constant flame of love.

The Natural Diamond

“A Diamond is a natural mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon crystallized with a cubic structure in the isometric system. Its hardness in the Moh’s scale is 10; its specific gravity is approximately 3.52; it has a refractive index of 2,42 and it can be found in many colours.” Definition supplied by the DTC.A gemstone of this description that has been mined from the earth is the only gem that can be called a Diamond. The term “cultured” is not acceptable in conjunction with “diamond.”

Physical Properties of Diamonds

Diamonds are very simple in composition: C carbon 99.95%. They are the only inorganic gemstone that consists of only one element. Chemically it’s simple carbon. Its crystal form gives it four desirable optical properties:

The characteristics of a diamond

Below you’ll find more in-depth information about characteristics that define a diamond.

Our Social Responsibility

Learn what we and other Jewelers are doing to prevent the sale of Conflict Diamonds. All our diamonds have been obtained from reputable sources not involved in the funding of conflict and in accordance with the Kimberly Process.

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